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From capturing creatures in blackwater to shooting the effervescent colors of coral reefs to droning for captivating aerials, each of the Feature Photographers we’re spotlighting this month excels in his shooting specialty and has a keen eye for composition. We’re thrilled to include their generously donated photos on the Coral Reef Image Bank!


LIANG FU's curiosities about what’s hidden below the waves, paired with his lifelong love for photography, have made him an incredibly well-accomplished underwater photographer. Liang is based in China, but his stunning blackwater images were taken in Romblon, Philippines.


Like your wildlife with a side of dad jokes? SIMON PIERCE is your man. A leading whale shark expert, he works as Marine Megafauna Foundation's principal scientist and is also a science advisor to Wildbook for Whale Sharks, a co-chair of the IUCN Shark Specialist Group, and a jokester.


GABY BARATHIEU, now based in Mayotte, started diving over a decade ago off the small coasts of Reunion Island. Several hundred dives and a few thousand pictures later, he is now a rebreather-certified diver who is especially infatuated with the twilight zone (120+ meters deep).