Some of the worlds leading underwater photographers have generously donated imagery to the Coral Reef Image Bank. Thank you all!

Jayne Jenkins

Women Divers Hall of Fame, VP of Australasian Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society, Explorer's Club Fellow, Chief Expedition Photographer, The Ocean Agency

Alex Mustard

BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, Founder of of the Underwater Photographer of the Year competition


Yen-Yi Lee

Professional Underwater Photographer; Gold Medalist in various prestigious Underwater Competitions


Cristina Mittermeier

Photographer, Speaker, and Explorer with National Geographic, founder and President of SeaLegacy



Bart Lukasik

Underwater Videographer, Professional Dive Guide

Ellen Cuylaerts

Underwater and Wildlife Photographer, Co-owner Ascension Island Adventures

Jill Heinerth, FRCGS

Canadian cave diver, underwater explorer, Explorer in Residence at the Royal Canadian Geographical Society

David Gross

Underwater Photographer, Drone Pilot



Andy Brandy Casagrande

Emmy Award Winning Cinematographer (abc4explore), Director and Producer for National Geographic and Discovery Channel's SharkWeek

Warren Baverstock

Underwater Photographer, Marine Biologist, Aquarium Curator, Author

Simon J. Pierce, PhD

Marine Conservation Biologist. Co-founder of the Marine Megafauna Foundation, regional co-chair of the IUCN Shark Specialist Group

Michael Aw

Author, Explorer and Conservation Photographer, founder of OceanNEnvironment


Patti Gross

Women Divers Hall of Fame, Board of Directors Coral Restoration Foundation

Fabrice Dudenhofer

Underwater Photojournalist


David P. Robinson, PhD

Marine Biologist, Research Scientist, Conversationalist, Wildlife Photographer, founder of SharkWatch Arabia, Assistant Curator of the Burj Al Arab Aquarium

Kimberly Jeffries

Underwater Photographer, Captain, Open Circuit and Rebreather Instructor



Ramona Osche


Philip Hamilton

Underwater Photojournalist and Conservationist

Gregory Piper

Photographer, Traveler and Conservationalist


Wojtek Męczyński

Underwater Photographer

P_20160416_113151 (1).jpg

Ceyhan Bekiroglu

Underwater Photographer


Erik Lukas

Underwater Photographer, Workshop Leader, Photo Instructor


David Hannan

Founder of the Ocean Ark Alliance, multi-Emmy award-winning underwater film-maker, explorer, artist, educator and conservationist

Jett Britnell

Underwater photojournalist, Ocean Artists Society member, Fellow at Royal Canadian Geographical Society, Royal Geographical Society and The Explorers Club


Rick Miskiv

Underwater Photographer,  Underwater VR360 Filmmaker, Designer, Founder at 22 Degrees

Ishan Hassan

Founder / Creative Director of SeefromtheSky


Grant Thomas

Multi-Award winning Photographer (including British Underwater Photographer of the Year 2018), PADI Dive Instructor

 Martin Colognoli

Photographer, Co-founder and Scientific Director of Coral Guardian


Renata Romeo

Underwater and Landscape Photographer, Captain, and PADI MSDT

Stefan Andrews

Underwater Videographer, Director of Ocean Imaging, 2013 Our World Underwater Scholarship Society Rolex Scholar


Katerina Katopis

Photographer, Traveller, Marathoner, Adventurer, Sea Lover



Etienne Calmelet

Photographer, Ocean Enthusiast

Jordan Robins

Award-Winning Ocean Wildlife and Ocean Art Photographer


Cinzia Osele Bismarck

Underwater Photographer, Artist, Conservationist

Mark Fitz

Social Influencer, Photographer


Shaun Wolfe

Photographer, Filmmaker, and Conservationist and 2017 Our World Underwater Scholarship Society National Park Service Intern

Alex Tyrrell

Photo Instructor, PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Diane Burko

Photographer, Renowned Artist and Activist, Author and Speaker

Jeff Hester

Underwater and Aerial Cameraman, Director of Diatom Studios, 2013 Our World Underwater Scholarship Society Rolex Scholar


Amanda Cotton

Women Divers Hall Of Fame, Photographer (A COTTON PHOTO), Speaker, Expedition Leader

Nick Polanszky

Underwater Photographer and Expedition Leader, Founder of Pro Photo Baja 

Gaby Barathieu

Deep Diver, Explorer and Wildlife Photographer 

Liang Fu

Award-Winning Underwater Photographer


Hannes Klostermann

Underwater Photographer and Scuba Instructor

Richard Barnden

Underwater Photographer, Co-founder of Unique Dive Expeditions, Underwater Photographer of the Year 2019, British Underwater Photographer of the Year 2019

Tracey Jennings

Underwater Photographer

Brook Peterson

Award Winning Underwater Photographer, Photo Instructor, and Writer


François Baelen

Award Winning Underwater Photographer

Jason Isley

CVO of Scubazoo & Wildlife / Conservation Photographer, Publisher

Shawn Miller

Okinawa-based Wildlife Photographer and Naturalist specializing in Underwater, Conservation and Fluorescence photography

Indigo Bolandrini

17-Year-Old Underwater Photographer, World’s Youngest Junior Master Scuba Diver


Beth Watson

Underwater Photographer, Drone Photographer, Artist


Simon Hilbourne

Marine Biologist and Conservationist for Manta Trust, Professional Underwater Photographer, Founder of Scubography


Jason Washington

SCUBA Diving Hall of Fame honoree, Owner of Ambassador Divers Cayman, Ambassador for PADI and Cressi


Mike Bartick

Marine wildlife photographer and videographer, Photo pro at Crystal Blue Resort Anilao