Reproduce corals for display in a non-destructive way


Corals can make beautiful home decorations, especially for those of us who love the sea. But keeping real corals that have been removed from the ocean is extremely harmful to reefs. Thankfully, there’s an alternative: 3D printing.

Download the free models below to your own 3D printer or a public-use 3D printer in your area, and enjoy exact replicas of real corals.


Photogrammetry and the creation of 3D coral models makes it possible to study, measure, and share coral reefs. The 3D models are made when when snorkelers and SCUBA divers take a series of traditional, 2D photographs of corals, then import them into software that stitches the images together to create the final product.

The Hydrous has been a major innovator in reef photogrammetry, producing accurate and interactive 3-D models of living corals since 2014. Using just a camera and software, the Hydrous team can non-invasively create high-resolution digital models of corals for research and education. In celebration of International Year of the Reef, The Hydrous has generously contributed some of their 3D coral models to the Image Bank for you to download, enjoy, and create.